Teacher Training

Teacher Training
Investing in teachers
leads to quality education.

Edusoft offers an effective, long term training solution which is used by ministries of education and institutions worldwide in order to advance the language and teaching skills of their staff. Our quality Teacher Training courses are available for primary, junior high, high school and higher education teachers.

Courses cover a range of skills and deal with universal challenges faced by ESL and EFL teachers. Our training solutions contain customizable components to suit your local and specific needs.

Edusoft’s courses are implemented and monitored by qualified native English speaking teacher trainers with international and local experience. Courses are taught via an advanced Blended Learning model, which combines face-to-face seminars with flexible online courses.

Edusoft’s Teacher Training courses have been implemented by ministries of education and institutions worldwide

Skills Covered

Basic to Advanced Teaching Skills

This unit covers pedagogical methodologies ranging from traditional to contemporary practices, including technology-assisted and Blended Learning models. Our expert team of internationally experienced trainers will assist teachers to improve their classroom management skills and develop communicative teaching practices through a range of training methods:

  • Face-to-face seminars: theory, group work, practical simulations
  • Live classroom observations, recommendations and follow-up support
  • Flexible, self-paced, online course work

Assessment and certification are available and can be customized to suit clients’ needs.

English Language Proficiency

Ministries of education, universities and school boards need to provide continuous training and professional development for their English language teachers. Teachers will increase their fluency in English and gain confidence in English through a combination of face-to-face and technology-based learning.

e-Learning Training

Develops teachers’ skills for online learning environments and exposes them to the most advanced approaches in English language teaching. Teachers will learn using Edusoft’s sophisticated, interactive, English learning platform which provides a hands-on, e-Learning experience, thereby increasing teachers’ computer and web literacy.

Vocational English Training

Edusoft offers vocational English training programs to ministries of education and institutions worldwide.

To learn more about our English for Specific Purposes Courses, click here.

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Infrastructure and Support

Support and Tutoring

Edusoft offers intensive pedagogical support via an international team of qualified native speaking specialists in English teaching. The team provides consulting and support through face-to-face seminars, personal classroom observations and recommendations, ongoing online correspondence, conference calls and online community forums. Edusoft’s pedagogical experts also monitor students’ performance levels in order to provide ongoing guidance to teachers throughout the year.

Large-Scale Model of Training, Implementation and Pedagogical Support

A cascade model is generally used for nationwide, large-scale projects in order to establish a sustainable, cost-effective method of training, implementation and pedagogical support. This model enables large groups of teachers to be trained in a relatively short time period with minimal resources. Edusoft’s team of pedagogical experts runs training courses for supervisors and teachers, who then, in turn, train multiple, small groups of people, until these skills are passed on to all levels of teachers.

Community Forums

Edusoft’s advanced, interactive, English learning platform, English Discoveries, offers community forums in which ESL / EFL teachers worldwide can connect and correspond as well as links to social networking facilities. These online forums can be restricted to in-house teacher communities and are guided and monitored by Edusoft’s pedagogical consultants on a weekly basis, offering comprehensive teaching support.

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Objectives and Benefits of Teacher Training


  • Boost language teaching skills
  • Develop pedagogical methodologies
  • Raise English proficiency levels of teachers
  • Acquire e-Learning teaching skills
  • Increase teachers’ computer and web literacy
  • Provide on-going professional support

Cost-Effective, Sustainable, Profitable Training Solution:
Solve long-term training requirements via a sustainable training model

  • Customize your course for senior teachers, coordinators, and regional advisors
  • Boost in-service professional development
  • Facilitate an advanced, technology-assisted learning environment
  • Benefit from complete, professional support at every stage
  • Monitor and measure effectiveness of course
  • Benefit from flexible delivery options
  • Discover how to reduce student dropout

Pedagogical Benefits:

  • A perfect combination of theory and practice
  • World-class, qualified, native English speaking trainers
  • Methodology based on 20 years of field-proven projects
  • Online access anywhere, anytime
  • Advanced Blended learning model: face-to-face plus online training
  • Personalized observations and recommendations by expert trainers
  • Ongoing tutoring by Edusoft’s pedagogical team
  • Ideal for part-time teachers: increase professional development whilst working
  • Personalized identification of teaching weaknesses plus solutions and support
  • Tips and tools for identifying dropout students
  • Ongoing professional support
  • Personalized and global online teacher forums

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