Dynamic partnerships enrich and advance the English learning journey.

Edusoft’s British Corner

Edusoft's British Corner

Edusoft’s British Corner, featuring the award winning series by BBC Learning, can now be accessed via our multimedia platform English Discoveries. Educational institutions can spice up their English learning with the soap operas and short videos The Flatmates and 6 Minute English.

These learning clips deal with everyday English language in a wide range of contexts. Edusoft provides supplementary materials to help teachers incorporate these videos into their classroom curricula according to specific language learning units.


SpeakingPal English learning system using Edusoft's English Discoveries Online content

SpeakingPal® develops m-learning (mobile learning) applications which combine engaging multimedia with high-end speech recognition tools.

SpeakingPal® is the winner of the
2011 International E-Learning Award for Mobile Learning,
granted by the International E-Learning Association.

Edusoft is proud to provide dynamic English learning content to SpeakingPal® users worldwide in order to develop their conversation skills on-the-run.

SpeakingPal is a registered name owned by SpeakingPal® LTD.

K Dictionaries

K Dictionaries bilingual series for e-Learning, used by Edusoft for English Discoveries Online

K Dictionaries is the global leader in bilingual English learner dictionaries.

K Dictionaries semi-bilingual and multilingual series include innovative titles for over 30 languages. K Dictionaries content has been used for e-learning systems as well as for applications for mobile phones, PDAs, OEMs, internet, and intranet.

Edusoft’s flagship product English Discoveries incorporates content from K Dictionaries in order to provide English language learners with the most effective and supportive method of absorbing new vocabulary and grammar.