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Edusoft’s English learning solutions are primarily anchored on the sophisticated, interactive, learning platform English Discoveries.

In addition to this robust, engaging learning platform featuring rich multimedia and cutting-edge technology, Edusoft offers advanced Teacher Management Systems for small- to large-scale projects, English For Specific Purposes courses and Teacher Training courses.


English Discoveries


At the heart of Edusoft’s English learning solutions is English Discoveries:
a comprehensive interactive e-Learning platform. Deployed via the Internet or Intranet, English Discoveries delivers the latest in field-proven pedagogical methods using engaging multimedia technologies. Ten courses containing over 1000 hours of rich topic-based learning keeps students stimulated and challenged whether they are at Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced levels.



  • 1000 hours of engaging multimedia & content
  • Cutting edge interactive technology
  • 10 courses, each with 8 units of topic-based learning
  • All language skills covered
  • Scalability and adaptability to existing curricula
  • Continuously updated content
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Advanced management and monitoring systems
  • Authoring Tool for customization of content
  • Automated assessment tools
  • Community Site – cross cultural forums, magazines, games
“English Discoveries has been a winning match for our TOEFL graduation requirements across all departments. Students now show higher motivation levels to learn and practice English. English Discoveries offers students the ability to access learning 24/7 and to become certified in all communicative skills.”
Guillermo Villavicencio
Academic Director of The English Group & ELL Distributor for ESEN University
El Salvador, 2012

English Discoveries delivers multimedia features that bring students’ English experience to life:

  • Automated Speech Recognition
  • Advanced Speech Recognition Technology
  • Talking Idioms
  • Radio Broadcasts
  • Screen Sensitive Help
  • Pop-up Dictionary
  • Grammar Assistance
  • Role Play & Rubrics
  • Branching Dialogues
  • Full-Screen Videos
  • Community Forums
  • Interactive Challenges
  • Pronunciation Course
  • A Pedagogical Wonderland

Each of our ten general English courses consists of 8 topic-based units, which cover the full range of skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary and Web Literacy. Articles on topical issues, video clips, radio broadcasts and animations provide an enticing approach to English learning via cutting-edge technology.

The Authoring Tool enables teachers to customize the platform by uploading additional content via a simple wizard.

The Community Site offers a social learning space to connect with other internal students or even create a cross-cultural international forum with other English students. Language enrichment components such as word games and idioms provide spice and entertainment to the English learning journey.
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English For Specific Purposes


Edusoft offers a range of English courses geared towards particular professions, industries and groups of learners:


  • Technical English
  • Medical English
  • English for the Hotel Industry
  • English at Work
  • Pronunciation Course
  • Academic English


Vocabulary units have been created for the following professions and can be customized to accommodate specific regional or professional needs:

  • Mechanical English
  • Architectural and Construction English
  • Computers and IT English
  • Production Management English
  • Robotics English
  • Accounting English
  • Banking English
  • English for Economics


English for Specific Purposes courses are an effective way to acquire context-based English skills using dynamic multimedia, which reflects real-life situations via our interactive platform English Discoveries. These courses have been designed in collaboration with professionals from each respective industry or population group.

Technical English
Technical English covers the key vocabulary required for various professions. Each unit includes vocabulary, context examples, practice exercises and tests. Teaching and classroom materials are included.

Medical English
A unique, online, interactive solution through which doctors, nurses, public health workers and medical support staff can improve their English. This course contains 63 topic-based components based on authentic healthcare contexts. Designed by experts in the health care industry, learners cover a wide range of medical conditions and situations (such as taking a health history, scheduling appointments and describing symptoms) through rich multimedia as well as reading, listening, speaking and grammar exercises at all levels of English.

English For The Hotel Industry
This English learning solution is designed for hotel and hospitality professionals who wish to improve their English language skills. It offers real-life hotel situations in which learners have the opportunity to develop their listening, speaking and reading skills. The objective is increase the hotel’s quality of service by improving the communication skills of its staff. The course is flexible, allowing learners to study on their own time, at their own pace. A built-in administration platform enables monitoring of employees’ progress within the course.

English At Work (Levels 1-3)
This course enables students to develop oral and reading skills for the purpose of communication in everyday workplaces. Students are exposed to a variety of media and written formats and take part in oral interactions, which simulate daily workplace situations. Students can achieve basic workplace English skills through advanced level business English fluency, depending on which course they take.

Pronunciation Course
Designed to help students pronounce Standard English, this course uses solid pedagogical principles for pronunciation training. It provides explanations as to the way speech must be pronounced, images of correct mouth, lip, and tongue movements, as well as a self-record function based on advanced speech recognition technology. Students are provided with directed ear training to help them distinguish standard from non-standard speech sounds. Edusoft’s Pronunciation course can be fully customized to focus on specific pronunciation problems associated with a particular foreign language or dialect.

Academic English
The Academic English course offers topic-based academic reading units, including academic reading comprehension activities, discursive essay questions and academic vocabulary exercises according to British English.
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Management Systems


English Discoveries provides a turnkey solution for teachers’ classroom needs. English Discoveries‘ advanced Management Systems provide user friendly, automated monitoring and management tools for multiple classes. These sophisticated tools support students individually, classes where students have mixed learning abilities, significantly reduce dropout rates, reduce teachers’ workloads by automating tasks, provide automated exam scoring, calculation of final grades and generation of real time reports.
Using English Discoveries‘ management systems, teachers are able to teach larger numbers of students and classes while devoting more time to students’ English language learning needs, decision-makers are in control of large-scale English learning programs.

English Discoveries‘ Teacher Management System (TMS)

The TMS is comprehensive Learning Management System, featuring facilities and procedures needed throughout the learning process. The TMS includes:

  • Easy-to-use student registration process
  • Comprehensive reporting system
  • Customizable learning paths for each student
  • Internet/Intranet-based communication system between teachers and students
  • Customization tools for community features
  • Authoring Tool for teachers to upload new content
  • Range of settings to personalize each institution

Quality Management System (QMS)
The Quality Management System is designed for large-scale Distance Learning projects. It assists teachers in classifying the learning abilities and motivation levels of students according to automated statistics derived from a range of student performance factors.

The QMS includes tools that enable teachers and supervisors to manage large-scale learning projects in a time and cost-efficient manner:

  • An automatic support mode (including recommended actions for teachers for motivating students)
  • Automated email response templates
  • A response tracking system

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Teacher Training


Edusoft offers an effective, long term training solution which has been used by ministries of education and institutions worldwide in order to advance the language and teaching skills of their staff. Our quality Teacher Training courses are available for primary, junior high, high school and higher education teachers.

Courses cover a range of skills and deal with universal challenges faced by ESL and EFL teachers. Components are customizable to suit your local and specific needs.

Teacher Training
The Teacher Training Courses are implemented and monitored by qualified native English speaking teacher trainers with international and local experience. Courses are taught via an advanced Blended Learning model consisting of both face-to-face seminars and a flexible online course, which enables self-paced learning.

To learn more about Teacher Training, click here.

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