Edusoft Participates in international EFL Conference in Honduras

October 16 2017

“Such guest speaker invitations are indicative of the high level of expertise Edusoft staff have in the field of English language learning and technology in education. This expertise enables Edusoft’s pedagogical training to equip educators with the skills needed for maximum project success.”

Uri Heiman
Edusoft Vice President, Sales and Implementation

Edusoft’s Director of Pedagogical Implementation, Dr. Danny Glick, who has a PhD Learning Technologies, was recently invited as a keynote speaker at the annual X International Conference for Teachers of English held in Honduras.

This three-day conference, which was sponsored by the US Embassy and hosted by the National Pedagogical University, included over 500 EFL teachers from all over Central and South America. These teachers attend these conferences in order to hear about the latest pedagogical trends from experts in the field, such as Dr. Glick.

Dr. Glick’s presentation, “How to Effectively Integrate Technology into the EFL Classroom to Increase Student Motivation”, provided a guideline on creating a motivational classroom environment and how English Discoveries solution provides the tools needed to ensure maximum classroom motivation.

Dr. Glick’s presentation was extremely well received by all conference participants, teachers and organizers of the event.

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